About Us - Guardian Detect
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About Us

About Us

Our experience and speciality in the supply of Remote Monitoring Solution dates back to 1986 and served as the foundation for the Guardian Detect range. By studying the best features and technology from solutions dating back to 1986 and up to the latest industry protocols and trends. We created devices incorporating the best features, protocols and communication paths. As a result, we’ve created the Guardian Detect Monitoring Product range that is unparalleled in reliability and feature combinations.

Remote monitoring, alarms, logging and control devices are a core requirement in almost every industry today. Finding the perfect remote monitoring and control system for your Industry can be challenging, as every business has its own specific needs.

Our devices are the first to offer Alarms, Logging and display delivered by Voice Call, SMS, SNMP, Email, inbuilt web server, MQTT, Sparkplug B, Bacnet and Modbus. Multiple communication paths are incorporated via Cellular, Ethernet, and WiFi providing redundant paths. In the event of a cellular network failure, the dual Sim card provides a fallback cellular connection. As well as being able to communicate to Cloud, SCADA, DCS, BMS, and PLC devices simultaneously as required.

Guardian Detect Industrial Electronics

Experts In Industrial Remote Monitoring, Control & Alarming

Remote Control, Monitoring and Alarms

  • Serial/Ethernet Radio and Wireless I/O
  • Cellular Modems and I/O
  • liot Devices
  • Networked Monitoring Solutions
  • SCADA Alarms Dialer
  • Cloud Services & Servers
  • Satellite
  • Brodersen RTU’s
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.